Morton Ploughshare mixer KM300D.

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Manufactured by Morton of Scotland.

Model KM300D stainless steel continuous ploughshare powder blender.

The blending chamber is approx.500 mm dia. x 1510 mm long and fitted with five plough heads and two end scrapers but no refiners.

Top connections are 1 x 200 mm with 25 mm side stubs, 1 x 70 mm, 1 x 100 mm  with a 100 mm side stub and a 50 mm bottom drain for wash down.

The unit has an adjustable weir gate with hand wheel control for residence time.

2 x 370 mm x 310 mm hinged side access doors with swing clamps with stainless steel hand wheels.

This unit has air purged shaft seals and driven by a 11 kw 1460 rpm motor through a SEW type R82LP160 reduction gearbox 8.61:1 ratio fully enclosed five belt pulley drive. Mountedon a mild steel frame.

Designed pressure 1.5 bar, test pressure 2.25 bar Design Temp. 128 Deg. C.

Made in 1994.

Reference: 122-BL.