HSM Pressen 205 Lts Drum Crusher

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Manufactured in Germany by HSM Pressen.

Model HSM-FP-1500.Will crush between 80 - 100 barrels per hr. Cycle time approx. 19 seconds. Barrel dimensions approx. 618 mm dia. x  932 mm high made from light metal. Pressing pressure approx. 18 tons. Driven by a 7.5 kw motor. The cabinate is approx. 960 mm wide x 1.175 mt deep x 1.8 mt high + 650 mm for ram cyclinder. The ram plate is approx. 670 mm x 740 mm. This unit has a quick release door which has a viewing window , a collection tray is fitted for residual liquids and a intergrated membrane key pad control panel with LED.

Reference: 1355-CR.