Haagen & Rinau-Homogeniser-Mixing-Rig-Single-Phase-with-20Lts-vessel

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Badged by Coldstream Engineering Ltd. ( Adelphie ).Manufactured by Haagen & Rinau Mischtechnik  Germany.

The rig consists of an all stainless steel 1.8 kw  2850 rpm  batch homogeniser fitted with a slotted disintergrating head and mounted on a full stainless steel mobile hydraulic stand. A highly polished 30 Lts vessel ( 25 Lts working ) with a stainless steel hot water jacket can be attached to the rig to allow the homogeniser to enter the vessel. This unit has a single phase emersion heater fitted to heat the water jacket.

All contact parts are 316 polished stainless steel the none contact parts are 304 stainless steel.


Reference: 1509-HOM.