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Made in 321 Stainless Steel with a mild steel jacket.

A  stainless steel contra-rotating  hemispherical pan with a bottom homogeniser fitted.

The main drive is a 3 kw motor through a reduction gearbox and controlled with a KBac Genesis control unit.

The bottom homogeniser is driven by a 7.5 kw 2900 rpm motor.

The mild steel jacket has been pressure tested to 5 bar on water and it's working pressure is 3 bar.

Last used on food products.

The unit is currently stripped for cleaning with new seals, new homogeniser motor and a new screen and rotor to be fitted to the bottom entry homogeniser.

A thickness test on the stainless steel inner pan is 6.1 mm to 6.8 mm on the hemisphere, the mild steel jacket has a range of thickness of 6.1 mm to 7.2 mm again on the dish.

Reference: 1614-MXV.