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Made in 1995. by APV-Baker Ltd.

All stainless steel tank with a low pressure jacket.

Insulated and clad with polished stainless steel.

Ex. Vegetable oils.

The unit is 500 Lts capacity with a flat sloping bottom which is fully draining via a 1.5" side outlet. This unit has three other bottom outlets.

The top has a s/s hinged lid plus a s/s bridge which will take a agitator. Several inlets on the top 1 x 1", 1 x 1.25" , 2 x 1.5" and a 1.25" hole for the agitator shaft.

The inside on the tank has a 5" slope to the outlet.

The tank is approx. 36.75" I/D and 34" to 39" over the slope. Standing on three tubular feet which has some adjustment.

Reference: 1615-MXV