1000 Lts-stainless-steel-316-pressure-vessel.

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Made by Mancester Calorifiers Ltd.

A vertical 316 stainless steel pressure vessel with a capacity of 1000 Lts.

The unit has two electric emersion heaters fitted one x 12 kw and one at 24 kw.

The unit has one top manway and two 50 mm flanged nozzles, 1 x 100 mm top side , and three x 50 mm at various heights around the vessel wall, 1 x 50 with a temp. probe and two 75 mm BSP for the heaters. Inthe bottom dish it has one 50 mm centre outlet and one offset 50 mm also in the dish.

The vessel is fully insulated.

The vessel is rated at 3 bar working with a design pressure of 3.30 bar and a test pressure of 4.95 bar.

Vessel serial number is 363862. Made Jan. 2011.

Reference: 1527-STV.